Pakistan Could Develop Wave/Tidal Power Projects

During a meeting held on Monday with a Norwegian delegation led by Tide Tec’s CEO Arne Kollandsrud, Minister for Finance and EconomicAffairsof Pakistan Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said that international companies would be provided all possible help to invest in the country’s energy generation and telecom sectors.

According to Right Vision News, Tide Tec held a comprehensive presentation on wave and tidal power development forthe Minister and other participants, highlighting that tidal energy is environmentally friendly and more predictable than wind energy.

The initiative to develop tidal power was welcomed by the Finance Minister, especially now when the country is facingenergy shortage and increasing fuel prices. He told the Norwegian delegation that the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission with his team will work with them to proceed with this idea.

To establish the wave/tidal based energy production in Pakistan, the company needs to go through technology verification, pre-study, scale test and full scale production.


Offshore WIND staff, September 20, 2012