UK: Dyena Releases New Marine & Offshore Black Box Recorder

UK: Dyena Releases New Marine & Offshore Black Box Recorder

Dyena has announced the release of the new Marine & Offshore Black Box Recorder, which has been specifically designed for the demands of professional marine and offshore operators to increase the safety of the crew and reduce the risk from chronic injuries associated with operating in open and coastal seas.

Shock-loads are recorded alongside GPS data such as position, speed, heading and time, providing a complete, indelible and personal record of operations.

As well as providing the employer with a health monitoring system, better enabling them to protect their crew in accordance with the latest EU legislation, the Marine & Offshore Black Box Recorder also provides many extra benefits that make it an invaluable tool for modern marine operators.

The Marine & Offshore Black Box Recorder is the simplest method of evaluating a crews’ daily exposure to impact and vibration. In the UK the MCA now requires an operator to provide evidence of health monitoring in order to apply for an exemption from the vibration at work regulations.

Accurate information about crews’ daily onboard routines allows operators to identify areas of risk early and take suitable preventative measures, enabling them to fulfil legislated responsibilities in terms of duty of care. Crews can be trained to monitor their and passengers’ exposure levels and can be encouraged to take more responsibility for safety.

With EU legislation now in force, and an increasing amount of lawyers beginning to circle the industry, more pressure is being made on employers to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to monitor the health of their workforce. For a small investment, the Marine & Offshore Black Box Recorder provides a health surveillance system and protection for the employer in the event of a fraudulent claim.

Easily interpreted, the data provides a powerful vessel management and crew performance analysis tool useful for highlighting risks in training and operations. Crew strengths and weaknesses can be readily identified and training shortfalls addressed. Evaluations can be kept on file for future audits if required.

Warranty and service costs can be contained by ensuring that vessels are not operated out of limits and, in the event of an accident, the recorded data can be used to substantiate circumstances and events, protecting the vessel operator from false allegations.

Dyena has made monitoring the health of the crew and vessel as simple as possible by simply inserting the memory card into the computer and choosing the days that need to be examined.

The GPS trace of the vehicle or boat is overlaid onto a 3D map surface allowing easy visualisation of their route, gathering an instant view of the days’ operation with shocks loads and the crews’ daily vibration exposure both shown clearly. With configurable colour thresholds, it allows altering the warning levels to suit the requirements. Overlaying data from multiple days or different vehicles allows comparing the crews’ exposure on different routes and alter their daily routine to reduce any health risks.

The file also contains the numeric values for the daily vibration exposure in 3 axis as required by the EU Legislation in both RMS A(8) and VDV. The raw data including time, position, speed over ground, course over ground, RMS and peak g’s in all 3 axis, and the combined RMS g can also be viewed.

James Glover, Director of Dyena, says: “The whole ethos behind this product is to keep the operators life simple. Constant increases in the daily paper trail wears everyone down. With the Marine & Offshore Black Box Recorder, crew health monitoring takes just seconds. Open the daily data file, if it’s all green, close the file and your done.

“The Marine & Offshore Black Box Recorder is simple to fit and requires no maintenance. Once fitted to your vessel the data can be downloaded daily or left for up to 5 years. Assuming you keep your vessel for 15 years, that’s less than £100 per year for all the benefits below. A single health, safety, or insurance claim will cost considerable more.”

Mr. Glover concludes: “A breakthrough in Crew Safety and Preventative Maintenance Monitoring in one black box.” 


Offshore WIND staff, September 2, 2012; Image: Dyena

Photo: Marine & Offshore Black Box Recorder

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