Germany: Friesland Kabel’s Cables for Marine Industry

Germany: Friesland Kabel's Cables for Marine Industry

Out in the open seas cables need to be robust to withstand weather conditions and to pose no risk of fire. Friesland Kabel’s cables can be used for oil rigs, wind farms and special oil tankers (FPO, FPSO, FSU).

All offshore cables have a SHF2-coat, a very robust material with GL certification. They are particularly light and flexible with the smallest outside diameter and are easy to install. In addition, the cables are required to be oil and flame resistant and to withstand temperature range between -40 and 90 ° C.

Since the inception in 2007 a Finish cable specialist Helkama has established itself as a systems supplier for marine and industrial applications. All Helkama’s marine cables are halogen-free and thus flame retardant (IEC 60332-3A) and fire-resistant (IEC 60331).


Offshore WIND staff, August 08, 2012; Image: friesland-kabel

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