Offshore Wind Could Power India Soon

Offshore Wind Could Power India Soon

India aims at exploiting its vast offshore wind potential by generating at least 4500 MW from that source, therefore, the country could soon have an offshore wind energy policy.

As the Indian Government has turned to reducing the fossil fuel-based power generation, the proposed policy would involve a switch to energy production from offshore wind, wave and current resources, The New Indian Express writes.

However, the obstacle on India’s way to attain this aim is lack of relevant expertise and technology, so the country needs to learn from European offshore wind experience to achieve its goals.

Having a 7,516 km of coastline, India has a large offshore wind capacity. Particularly Tamil Nadu, which is already on its way to install a 100 metre high mast for an offshore wind turbine in Dhanushkodi.


Offshore WIND staff, August 6, 2012; Image: Greenpeace

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