The Netherlands: IHC Lagersmit Becomes IHC Sealing Solutions

The Netherlands: IHC Lagersmit Becomes IHC Sealing Solutions

IHC Lagersmit BV, a subsidiary of IHC Merwede, has changed its name to IHC Sealing Solutions BV. This change, which came into effect on 6 July, is the result of the continued international growth that the company has experienced in recent years. Additionally, the company’s focus has shifted in past decades from the manufacture of bearings to the production and marketing of seals for rotating shafts. 

The origins of the company date back to 1856, when the machine factory DLS was established in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands. From 1956 onwards, the company – which produced bearing bushes and stern tubes – changed its name to Lagersmit, to which IHC was later added.

From that time on, the company increasingly focused on manufacturing seals for, among other things, stern tubes, thrusters and pumps. Two years ago, the company moved from Kinderdijk to Alblasserdam, where a fully automated production facility operates in brand new premises to further develop, produce and market innovative products.

Mr Willem Steenge, Managing Director of IHC Sealing Solutions, says: “It is important that we use our name to let people know what we are good at, which is specifically finding the right solution for the customer as far as seals are concerned. Also, IHC Lagersmit was difficult to pronounce – let alone understand – for our international business partners.

“I am very pleased with our new name and I cannot emphasise enough that the provision of our service will continue to revolve around the same high level of quality, dedication and reliability as before. From our location in Alblasserdam, the organisation will continue to serve the same group of customers and work with the same business partners.” 


Offshore WIND staff, July 25, 2012; Image: IHC Merwede

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