Israel: SDE Company Negotiates to Sell Control of Company for USD 10 Million

Israel: SDE Company Negotiates to Sell Control of Company for USD 10 Million

SDE Company negotiates the sale of control with a number of factors, including leading companies in the medical industry and in the automobile industry.

The car industry market is saturated and the medical market is saturated as well. The competition between many companies in these fields created the need to invest in new technologies. This is where SDE enters the picture.

In recent weeks, several companies have expressed interest in purchasing exclusive rights to use the technology in different countries. The company owns registered patents worldwide. So far, the company has establishes 11 subsidiaries around the world.

The company is currently receiving money at the expense of building a new power station in China and holds invitations from other companies for the establishment of power plants around the world.

SDE has a unique invention for generating electricity from sea waves and was recently ranked by a team of independent scientists on PESWiki, as the world’s first technology for electricity from sea waves, sixth in the technology of rivers, tidals and ocean waves, and among 100 of the world’s leading green technology companies.

SDE is negotiating to sell the company, worth estimated at over ten million dollars, not yet ripened into a binding agreement. The company is looking for a controlling shareholder in order to exploit the huge transactions potential of the company worth several billion dollars and its unique technology for the common good.

SDE was founded 16 years ago without leverage by the inventor of the method and present CEO, Mr. Shmuel Ovadia. Since its inception, SDE has signed cooperation agreements with countries around the world including Chile, Mexico, Zanzibar, Kenya and China. Investors so far invested about $2.5 million and recently signed new contracts. Currently the company has signed an agreement in China worth $1.2 million.


Offshore WIND staff, July 18, 2012; Image: sde