Innovation Norway to Continue Wind Clusters Support

Innovation Norway to Continue Wind Clusters Support

Innovation Norway has decided to continue the support for wind clusters in the Arena Network.

Windcluster Mid-Norway (WMN), based in central Norway, and Arena Norwegian Offshore Wind (NOW), based on the west coast, have both renewed confidence from Innovation Norway.

While WMN cluster works with both onshore and offshore wind power, Arena NOW points towards offshore wind.

One of the climate solutions

Installing wind turbines in the sea will be one of the solutions to the climate and energy challenges, making potential for innovation and technology development in offshore wind energy enormous. According to the European wind energy organization EWEA, the market will grow by 30 percent annually over the next ten years.

– Offshore wind is one of the few areas where Norway has the greatest comparative advantage. It is also the new business area in the strongest growth, says Ivar Singstad, head of wind and ocean energy at Innovation Norway.

Arena clusters are important contributions of Innovation Norway’s international efforts which could bring out new development and demonstration projects. The fact that the two wind clusters have now secured further support can be very important for Norway’s role in an industry which has a bright future.

– The next few years will be crucial for Norway to become a part of the international market in offshore wind, and Arena NOW and Windcluster Mid-Norway will be the core of this work in the years to come, says Singstad.

WMN cluster has established strong relationships with communities in both Britain and Germany in the last two years.

– These environments are important for us in years to come. Every time we are overseas, we experience the renowned Norwegian offshore expertise is in the emerging offshore wind industry. Norway has the opportunity to build up a large industry, but it will take time and require a long term commitment, says CEO Viggo Iversen Wind Cluster in Mid-Norway.


Offshore WIND staff, June 28, 2012; Image: Statoil

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