Denmark: ABB Shows Portfolio for Wind Industry at EWEA 2012

Denmark: ABB Shows Portfolio for Wind Industry at EWEA 2012

As energy cost reduction has become a buzzword in the renewables industry and a hot topic during European’s major wind fair EWEA 2012 starting from April 16, ABB brings to this event its complete wind portfolio as well as latest technologies to address the issue.

One of the highlights of ABB’s booth is its offering for offshore applications, which help customers reduce the cost of wind energy generation and transmission.

The 72 KV offshore wind farm collection grids products, which include PASS switchgear, oil-filled Slender or dry type transformers, are specially designed to fit inside the wind turbines and be removed from the tower doors easily. The products help to reduce the cost of energy losses during transmission.

Another important offshore application is the system for connection of offshore wind farms to the shore. ABB has for the offshore substation developed a new GBS platform (Gravity Based System) which will be delivered to TenneT for the DolWin 2 project. A platform model is displayed in the booth. The electrical system for the DolWin 2 is based on the ABB HVDC Light (high-voltage direct current) Light technology, ensuring minimal electrical losses, and in a result, optimizing the wind energy transmission and lowering the cost.

ABB’s newly released medium speed permanent magnet generator design is presented as part of the electrical drivetrain package. The generator offers a reliable solution for multi-MW offshore wind turbines. It covers the power range up to 8 MW and more. It is also compact in size and the low weight means easier logistics as well as lower tower and foundation cost.

Wind turbine control and protection systems are also essential to bring down the total cost of power generation, as they minimize the chance of turbine malfunction and cost for repair. For instance, in the event of electrical fault or surge due to lightning, the damage on the turbine must be kept to a minimum. On EWEA 2012, ABB showcases its new protection products such as new circuit-breaker T6 VF. It specially designed for variable frequency between converter and generator, combined with arc monitor using optical detection of arc faults in few milliseconds anywhere in the turbine, to offer the ultimate protection.

ABB’s pre-engineered wind farm substation is also a recent novelty which is easily customized for different sites and projects. It shortens project cycle time and reduces execution risk, hence reduces total project cost.

“With over 30 years of experience, global manufacturing footprint and thorough understanding of both wind turbine applications and power systems, ABB serves wind power customers at every stage of the process,” said Alfredo Parres, head of ABB Wind Industry Sector Initiative. “We are now looking deeply into customers needs to reduce the cost of wind power with our in-depth know-how and reliable products.”

Other highlights of ABB’s booth include the SafePlus gas insulated switchgear, AC500 PLC, SVC and SVC Light® solutions, DynaPeaQ® system and high voltage cables.

ABB will host Pentalum, a company where ABB has made a strategic investment in. Pentalum’s SpiDAR™ is an innovative, highly cost effective pulsed wind LiDAR system for remote sensing of wind, to be used in resource assessment campaigns, power curve measurements and wind forecasting.


Offshore WIND staff, April 11, 2012; Image: abb