China: XEMC Installs 5MW Wind Turbine Prototype

China: XEMC Installs 5MW Wind Turbine Prototype

According to Whats on Xiamen, the south-eastern Chinese province, Fujian got the first 5MW direct-drive permanent magnetic offshore prototype. The prototype has been installed by XEMC, in a land surrounded by the sea in three sides in Dongsha village, Sanshan town of Fuqing city, Fujian province.

This step represents a follow up to the project, carried out by XEMC Darwind, a subsidiary of XEMC, in September 2011, when 5MW prototype was installed in the Netherlands. It is ranked among the first multi-megawatt offshore-dedicated direct-drive PMG-type turbines.

XEMC Darwind is engaged in development and construction of high-end multi megawatt wind turbines, based on Direct Drive Permanent Magnet generator technology. It represents a combination of Dutch heritage in production of high design integrity and Chinese production of electro-traction systems.

The alliance seems to be a winning combination since it paved the way for closing of a very favourable deal with Windkraft FIT, a German developer with headquarters in Hamburg. The counterparts agreed on offshore supply and installation amounting to 50MW that will take the form of 10 5MW XD115/5MW direct-drive turbines.

These units will be built within the framework of a project, dubbed Albatros 1. The project will herald construction of the first offshore turbines in Europe which originate from China. The contract is worth between €70-90 million, with the overall capacity of 474MW.

Completion of Albatros 1 is expected until the end of 2015.


Offshore WIND staff, March 29, 2012; Image: xemc