Germany: TenneT Announces Tender for Subsea Cable Surveying Services

TenneT Announces Tender for Subsea Cable Surveying Services22

TenneT Offshore GmbH has announced the tender for subsea cable surveying services for the Alpha Ventus’ BorWin project.

The BorWin Alpha in the North Sea is known as the biggest and most remote offshore wind farm cluster project in the world.

For the first time in wind power history, the generated power will be transmitted by ABB HVDC Light, which is a high voltage direct current transmission system enabling long distance power transport with a minimum loss.

The survey included in tender would comprise of cable position marking and hydrographic surveys of the in-service subsea cables.

Scope of the work includes:

-Preparation / submission of written procedures / instructions, regarding the investigations to be conducted;

-Exploration, including mobilisation and demobilisation;

– Implementation of nondestructive measurements distances with choice of route patterns in water depths of approximately 0 m – 40 m;

-Data collection regarding bathymetry using multibeam sonar and mapping of the seafloor using side scan sonar; -Mapping of the seabed;

-Transfer of the data collected in accordance with standards of the client;

-Preparation of a final report (interpretation / analysis of the obtained data) in German and English.

Divided into lots, tenders may be submitted for part or whole, and the deadline for submission is 12 April 2012.


Offshore WIND  Staff, March 23, 2012; Image: TenneT