The Netherlands: Vos Prodect to Supply Cable Hang-Off Systems for NSW

The Netherlands Vos Prodect to Supply Cable Hang-Off Systems for NSW

Vos Prodect Innovations B.V. announced today that it has been contracted by Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH (NSW) for the supply of Cable Hang-off Systems for an offshore wind farm project in the North Sea.

This is the second supply contract the company has secured upon launching the best system to meet NSW’s technical and commercial requirements for the project. The first time NSW placed its confidence in Vos Prodect’s capabilities and engineered systems was in 2011.

Vos Prodect Innovations B.V., a specialist in protecting cables of the offshore wind farm, wave and tidal projects, is confident that unique features of its latest development designed to provide flexibility on the cable operations will attract more attention within the market.

Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH (NSW) has been a subsidiary of General Cable since 2007, and for many years one of the world’s leading vendors of submarine telecommunication cables. After being founded back in 1899, NSW was already laying its first submarine telecommunication cable in 1904, approximately 7,993 kilometers in length. With more than 500 staff, NSW advises and supports its customers from all over the world.

Offshore WIND  Staff, February  29, 2012; Image:  vos-prodect



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