Renewable Energy Base Oostende Ready to Support Offshore Projects (Belgium)

Renewable Energy Base Oostende Ready to Support Offshore Projects (Belgium)

Oostende is ready for the big offshore projects. As the first customer of REBO, C-Power is planning the assembly of wind turbines for the second phase of the Thornton project.

Since its founding in 2009, Renewable Energy Base Oostende (REBO) has invested € 15 million in a 10 hectare terminal at the port Zeewezendok. The quay walls were reinforced on that site so they can carry loads of up to 20 tons per square meter.

“To reduce risks at sea, offshore developers focus on activities and services on land,” says Paul Gerard, CEO and general manager of REBO the port of Ostend. “With REBO we can respond to that need. Oostende has the advantage as an ideal hub for services and support for offshore projects in the radius of 200 km.“

“The REBO terminal was completed just in time for the second phase of our Project Thornton,” says Jake Rutten, CEO of C-Power as the first contractor with REBO. For the construction and shipping of its first six towers foundation, C-Power used Halve Maan terminal.

Residents and visitors of Oostende still remember construction and shipping of the concrete foundation for Thornton-1 in the summer of 2008. As of February 1, the company Saerens will start the assembly of the 100m tall crane at REBO terminal. This is the pre-assembly of the towers, which will be placed above the last year raised foundation jackets.

With activities planned for the next weeks and months, REBO has presented itself to the outside world with its unique strengths as a hub to support offshore projects.


Offshore WIND staff, January 25, 2012; Image: portofoostende