WFS Technologies Partners with Omni Instruments (UK)

WFS Technologies Partners with Omni Instruments (UK)

WFS Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of radio and acoustic solutions for underwater communication, navigation and power transfer, announces a new industry partnership with UK supplier of instrumentation and data loggers, Omni Instruments, based in Dundee, Scotland.

Omni Instruments Ltd. Established 1996, specialises in providing measurement and data acquisition systems in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Omni has many years of experience in supplying integrated measurement and data acquisition systems to the environmental, renewable energy, offshore oil and gas and subsea industries. They can supply stand-alone sensors and data loggers or integrated systems, and have a team of highly experienced technical sales people to support customer projects.

WFS’ wireless technology enhances monitoring systems in subsea industries by enabling “real-time” data transmission and inductive power transfer in the underwater environment. Data transmission using seatooth® wireless modems is unaffected by shallow and congested waters, by harsh weather conditions or by ambient noise, so the technology will operate effectively in complex environments such as offshore, estuaries, harbours, ports and waterways.

“WFS has a number of successful partnerships with key players in the subsea industry where a synergy between the two businesses is apparent” says Ian Crowther of WFS. “We are regularly asked by customers to provide a complete solution of sensor data being downloaded wirelessly subsea to reduce risk and improve efficiency, and Omni can help us do this. WFS is very excited to work with Omni Instruments both in this area and on the interesting applications on the horizon”.


Offshore WIND staff, November 23, 2011; Image:wfs-tech