Eneco to Launch Official Navitus Bay Wind Farm Consultations in 2012 (UK)

Eneco to Launch Official Navitus Bay Wind Farm Consultations in 2012 (UK)

Eneco has released its full Statement of Community Consultation (SOCC) into the proposed offshore Wind Park; Navitus Bay, located to the west of the Isle of Wight, and its associated infrastructure.

Formal consultation on the offshore aspects of the project is set to take place in first quarter of 2012, with public exhibitions across Dorset, Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight.

The Development Area covers 191 square kilometres. The capacity that could be instaled in this area is up to 1,200 megawatt (MW), which could be provided by up to 300 turbines. The boundary of the Offshore Development Area has been agreed with the Crown Estate and will not be subject of consultation.

The SOCC has been released into the public domain providing details of the community consultation process and will be widely distributed across the region close to the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park development.

The purpose of the SOCC was to identify how the local community will be consulted in relation to the development of the proposals for the offshore wind park and the connections and other infrastructure required to connect the Wind Park with the onshore electricity transmission grid.

A brief snapshot of Island Pulse News as previously reported: Eneco was awarded the right to seek consent to develop the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park in January 2010. Wind Farm West of Wight and Offshore Wind Farm Could Bring Green Jobs and Eneco Offshore Wind Farm Plans Revealed.

The Planning Act 2008 (Section 47) requires Eneco to undertake the public consultation with people living and working in the vicinity of the Project. The content of the SOCC has therefore been submitted for consideration by the Isle of Wight Council and other local authorities.

The final design of Navitus Bay Wind Park, both onshore and offshore, will be determined only after comprehensive consultation with the public and relevant organisations.

The full SOCC is a public document and will be made available in a number of public locations. They include:

  • libraries
  • council offices


Source: islandpulse, November 21, 2011; Image: eneco