The Netherlands: Bringing Down Costs of Offshore Wind Supply Chain


With less than two weeks to go until the European Wind Energy Association’s OFFSHORE 2011 conference and exhibition, EWEA found out what Heiko Ross from Windreich and Erwin Coolen from OutSmart will be discussing at their session…

 Why is offshore wind energy expensive compared to onshore wind energy?

We all are aware that at this moment the costs are higher compared to onshore wind. Next to that there are a lot of contingencies, risk markups and guarantee reservations due to the immaturity of offshore wind. Cost reduction will be a matter of a maturing market and healthy market competition.

 Will it get cheaper in the future?

Yes it will! In my opinion the biggest reduction will be in the wind turbine supply. With more experience offshore and a good preventive maintenance strategy, the price for wind turbine supply should not be much higher than for onshore.

 What role will new technology play in bringing prices down?

The size of wind turbines including weight reduction when getting bigger will be an important step in bringing prices down.

 What else does the sector need to help the cost of offshore fall?

A stable government policy and a stable long term subsidy scheme. This will create a bigger market meaning more competition and reduction in costs.

 What do you hope to get out of OFFSHORE 2011 in Amsterdam?

Good and new relations with new competitors entering the market. Awareness and support from the Dutch government that Offshore wind is the solution for an independent, renewable and in time most cost efficient electricity supply.


Source: ewea, November 18, 2011