SSE Publishes Half Year Results (UK)

SSE Publishes Half Year Results (UK)

SSE plc has announced their half year results for the six months to September 2011.

 Lord Smith of Kelvin, Chairman of SSE, said:

“There is no doubt that 2011 has been characterised by turmoil in the global energy markets, economic uncertainty across much of the world and widespread concern about the financial outlook for customers, companies and countries. This is not a straightforward time in which to do business.

 “SSE’s half-year results reflect the impact of a number of these issues, especially the high wholesale cost of gas which eventually necessitated the increase in household prices that unfortunately had to be made in September. We want to avoid the impact on customers that another increase in household prices would have, and that’s why we’ve said they won’t go up again, if they have to, before August next year at the earliest.”


Source: sse, November 09, 2011