Restrictions on Access to Working Area Takes Effect (Denmark)

Restrictions on Access to Working Area Take Effect (Denmark)

As of 1 November 2011, the naval authorities have formally approved the area around Anholt Offshore Wind Farm to be a ‘restricted area at sea’. This means that as of 1 November 2011, navigation, anchoring, fishing, diving and works at the seabed, which are not related to the construction of the wind farm, are prohibited.

All mariners have been notified of the restriction area through ‘Efterretninger for Søfarende’ (Notice to mariners), EfS 40/1100 2011.

The restricted area is maintained to increase the navigation safety in the area. Though the installation of foundations and wind turbines will not commence until the change of the year, several vessels are already working in the area: Large stones are removed from the seabed and stone reefs are constructed; erosion protection is laid and supplementary seabed investigations are conducted.

During November, the working area will be marked with light buoys, and all mariners have been notified about the establishment of the restricted area through ‘Notice of mariners’. Special-purpose vessels will be placed in the area to monitor the shipping traffic in and around the area and to document any violation.


Source: dongenergy, November 02, 2011