New Communications Director at Statnett from 2012 (Norway)

Kristian Marstrand Pladsen has been named the new communications director of Statnett. He comes from the position as director of communications and public affairs in Energy Norway.

Kristian Marstrand Pladsen has about twenty years of experience with communications work and management in Norway and abroad. He has worked with a number of trade and interest organisations in the industry and energy sectors in Norway. Pladsen holds a degree in social economics from the University of Oslo.

“We are very pleased that Kristian has accepted this important position in Statnett. He has great understanding of the daily strategic and communications challenges faced by the industry, and thus has the opportunity to quickly leave his mark on Statnett’s communications work,” says Statnett’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Public Affairs, Gunnar G. Løvås.

 “The future’s energy system must unite considerations to climate, security of supply and value creation, and the grid plays a vital role in achieving this. This makes Statnett one of the most important companies in Norway. We have major investment plans on our agenda in the coming years, and the communications tasks will be extensive. I look forward to getting started,” says Kristian Marstrand Pladsen

Pladsen will take up the position on 1 January 2012.


Source: statnett, October 24, 2011