PKF Turns to Energy Market (UK)


More than 15 new staff have been recruited in East Anglia by PKF Accountants & business advisors during the summer, and that tally is expected to double with the number of posts currently being advertised.

The expansion in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Ipswich offices is to meet business expansion and to grow the firm’s presence in the multi-billion pound renewables energy market developing off the region’s coast.

 “We are committed to being a leader in the market and to demonstrate to companies operating in the North Sea and onshore that they can find the professional support they need on their doorstep,” said Michael Muskett, senior partner for PKF in East Anglia.

“Many energy companies come to us when they realise that PKF not only has a local presence but is also backed up by an international arm which has more than 240 offices in 125 countries across the world,” he said. “The energy business is global but one which can be serviced locally through the highest quality accountancy, financial and legal services.”

PKF plans to highlight that wealth of expertise to the renewables market and particularly offshore windpower. The firm has joined EEEGR.

 “Our service focuses on the specific needs of each client but we can back that up with an international network. It means the client does not have to travel, yet if they are anywhere in the world there is a friendly representative nearby. That’s how we see the energy sector developing and there are rich opportunities in Norfolk and the rest of the region.”

Eleven graduates and school leavers were recruited in the region during the summer, along with six qualified accountants. Another 14 posts are being advertised, half for training positions and others for senior staff.

 “We are investing in East Anglia and conscious that there could be even more potential recruits available next year when school leavers opt to go straight into job training rather than meet the higher costs of university,” said Mr Muskett.


Source: tms-media, October 20, 2011