The Switch Introduces New Full-power Converter Series at China Wind Power 2011


The new full-power converter design by The Switch features top fault ride-through (FRT) capability, allowing better grid side performance.

The new converters match the most stringent grid code in the world to date, the German BDEW 2008 directive, and they also comply with E.ON 2006, Transmission Code 2007, and Chinese grid code 2008. During faults, the converter stays connected to and supports the grid – even with zero-voltage ride-through capability. This results in future-proof grid compliance. The built-in FRT capability also creates a cost advantage. Even the smallest turbines in existing wind farms are currently being retrofitted with additional FRT upgrade kits that cost as much as new, complete converters by The Switch.

The new converter design is ideal for offshore installations, as the cabinet has been improved to minimize the impact of environmental influences in harsh ocean conditions. The upgrades include a more rugged enclosure and a better sealing. In addition, the converter includes a built-in humidity regulation system that instantly removes any humidity from inside the cabinet, making it a highly reliable solution. Designed to match all turbine applications ranging from 1 to 6 MW, the new converter design also reduces cabinet size up to 30%. The length of The Switch 2 MW cabinet is now only 2.4 meters, which makes the placement of the converter easier in the nacelle or the tower. Higher power density is the design criteria also in higher power ranges.

“In China, the importance of FRT capability has been recognized only recently as a result of large power outages, and the slowdown in the market is closely linked to these quality issues. Our new products clearly exceed the maximum grid performance requirements in China. We trust that this factor will help us strengthen our position in the Chinese market, as local turbines are currently being upgraded to comply with tighter technology requirements,” says Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, President and CEO. “Looking at the future, we hope that the new quality standards that are expected to be introduced in China in November will clarify the rules of the game and dissolve the grid-related bottleneck. This should help the market soon pick up again.”


Source: theswitch, October 19, 2011