Minister Hendry Announces Membership of Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Task Force (UK)


Charles Hendry today announced the membership of the industry-led Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Task Force. The group will be chaired by Andrew Jamieson, current Chair of industry-body Renewable UK.

The Task Force was announced as part of the Governments Renewable Energy Roadmap in July 2011, and will set out a path and action plan to reduce the costs of offshore wind to £100 MWh by 2020. The Task Force will report to DECC Ministers and Devolved Administration Ministers by Spring 2012.

Speaking at the Offshore Wind Developers Forum, which brings together Government and industry to work on solutions to remove barriers that have the potential to impede the viability and deliverability of offshore wind in the UK, Energy Minister Charles Hendry said:

 “Offshore wind not only makes sense for our energy security and the environment, but the economy too, bringing jobs and economic growth. I am pleased to be able to announce the members that will spearhead this vital work to drive down the costs of delivering our offshore wind ambitions.

 “This Task Force will provide the strong leadership and vision required to grow our offshore wind sector in the next decade and beyond”.


Source: decc, October 13, 2011