The Netherlands: BMO Offshore Completes FlexMetMast Testing



BMO Offshore announces successful completion of basin testing of the innovative FlexMetMast foundation design based on floating-to-fixed (F2F) technology.

The FlexMetMast is designed to deliver bankable data for offshore wind projects with water depths between 20 and 40m. The scale model basin tests, which took place over a period of weeks at Deltares, Delft, prove that the FlexMetMast design can meet the demanding conditions of the North Sea and South Atlantic Ocean. Part of the basin tests were witnessed by a hundred guests from the offshore industry on August 25th. The positive test results are now being processed to further improve the design of the FlexMetMast for application as a re-deployable meteorological mast foundation for prospected offshore wind projects and clients in Europe.

BMO Offshore is an innovative Dutch start-up committed to deliver bankable data services for the offshore wind industry. BMO’s strategy is to collect accurate wind and metocean data on-site and in synchronicity and to provide highly valuable data applications. The data are processed by BMO for application during wind park development, financing, engineering, construction and maintenance. This way BMO provides project developers with the essential information improving the business case of their offshore wind projects, minimizing the cost of green electricity (EUR/MWh).

Uniquely, BMO’s data services are delivered using re-deployable solutions, doing away with the need for jack-ups for installation. BMO applies a range of innovative measurement solutions, including the FlexMetBuoy providing sonic wind, wave and current measurements, the C7 jack-up-based FlexiFloatMast and the FlexMetMast. BMO has long-term co-operations with its partners Workships Contractors, ECN and F2F, a joint venture of Ulstein Sea of Solutions and Atlantic Marine and Offshore. BMO and its partners design, construct, operate and maintain these measurement solutions for reliable use on multiple sites and projects.

The successfully tested FlexMetMast is a re-deployable offshore met mast based on a design by F2F. Uniquely, the FlexMetMast is commissioned inshore, transported offshore while stably afloat in fully upright position and installed using only tug boats. Developed for medium-term (1+ year) measurement campaigns, the water-ballasted, gravity based foundation provides a steady platform for delivering bankable wind, wave, current and scour data.


Source: BMO Offshore, October 04, 2011