Grid Integration of Renewable Energy in EU

The European Wind Energy Technology Platform (TPWind) will hold its first public event on Tuesday 4 October 2011.

The conference of around 150 EU wind energy researchers, experts and other operators and stakeholders will focus on EU grids – including grid integration of renewable energy. The event is targeted towards wind energy, oil & gas and grids players, as well as policy makers and any stakeholder involved in the planning, development and management of EU grids.

The workshop will begin at 2 pm and will end at 6 pm. A networking cocktail, provided by TPWind, will follow.

TPWind is supported by the European Commission. Its work is coordinated by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), the renewable energy consultancy Garrad Hassan and the Danish National Laboratory for Renewable Energy (Risoe-DTU).

TPWind is playing a central role in shaping European wind energy technology research and development. Over the next three years, its work will focus on publishing and implementing strategic action plans for the EU wind energy sector, especially in the framework of the European Wind Initiative (EWI), which is part of the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan.


Source: ewea, October 03, 2011