Denmark: DONG Energy Announces Start of Production of Elements for Anholt Offshore Wind Farm


Now 13 months after DONG Energy was awarded the concession for constructing the offshore wind farm, production of the first supplies has started. Work is progressing to realise Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.

Commencement of manufacture of foundations

Bladt Industries in Aalborg and their subsuppliers have started manufacturing the foundations for Anholt Offshore Wind Farm Bladt Industries is a supplier to MT Højgaard, which has been awarded the contract for supply of foundations.

The first 2000 tonnes of steel plates have been delivered at Bladt Industries in Aalborg, and the manufacture of foundations has started. Primary steel, ie the transition pieces and monopiles, is manufactured in Aalborg, and the first shells with a diameter of approximately 5m and a metal thickness of up to 10cm are rolled to fit the transition pieces. Flat rolling of shells for the monopiles will commence this week.

The first sets of secondary steel have been manufactured and will be delivered at Bladt Industries at the end of this week. Secondary steel comprises boat landings and internal ladders.

Likewise, the subsuppliers have commenced the manufacture of external platforms, and the first 20 platforms will be shipped at the end of November. Furthermore, the first 60 top flanges have been delivered to Bladt Industries’ subsupplier in South Korea.

Nexans has commenced manufacture of cables for Anholt Offshore Wind Farm

Manufacture of the 36kV cables, connecting the substation to the wind turbines, has commenced. In order to reduce the electric loss, the cables have a conductor cross section of 500mm2.

The cable sections of up to 20km will be transported by train to a port of shipment either in Denmark or Northern Germany. Later this year, the manufacture of array cables will commence. This includes small-scale and shorter cables, which can be winched reeled and transported to Grenaa shortly before installation.

The 111 wind turbines are divided into 12 groups. Each group is connected to the substation with a submarine cable. The total cable length in the wind farm is 160km, and the total cable weight amounts to 3,900 tonnes of which approximately 1,450 tonnes are copper.

Installation of cables will commence in June 2012. The first cables will be energised and ready for commissioning of wind turbines at the end of August 2012.

Construction of service vessels is well under way


In May 2010, an agreement was signed with Hvide Sande Skibs- og Baadebyggeri for the supply of two service vessels. The construction is well under way, and the hull for the first vessel has been made, and the superstructure is ready for installation of accommodation facilities.

Operation and maintenance facilities in Grenaa


The demolition work at the site in Grenaa is in full swing for the subsequent construction of the operation and maintenance building. Today, only concrete columns and girders remain, and these are supposed to be reused. The concrete work has commenced for completion of the foundations for the facades.

A new roof is being installed at the cold storage building. This means that the contractor may use the building for storage of construction materials in rainy weather. All construction works are on schedule, and the personnel will be able to move into the buildings in April 2012.


Source: DONG Energy, September 08, 2011;

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