Myrtle Beach City Council to Consider Alliance for Clean Energy’s Offshore Wind Energy Propositions (USA)

Three serious presentations at this morning’s workshop gave Myrtle Beach City Council members a lot to consider — a smoking ban, offshore wind energy and youth violence prevention.

Smoke Free Horry, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and a group of local activists offered pleas for Myrtle Beach to take charge of these three issues.

The council took no action on any, but did seem interested in learning more about the topics, asking questions and considering how they would work.

Smoke Free Horry wants the city to ban smoking so that people will have healthier environments in which to work, dine, shop and play, while the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy appealed to the city’s interest in diversifying the economy, saying not only would offshore wind turbines create jobs, but so would the manufactuing of parts to build and maintain the turbines.

It’s a growth industry,” said Elizabeth Kress from Santee Cooper.

Activist Bennie Swans asked the council to take the lead on a youth violence prevention program called “Reaching Through the Cracks,” which requires a communitywide effort to work with young people and prevent them from making poor choices, as well as working with those who have already made those choices and want to get their lives back on track.

by Lorena Anderson (thesunnews)

Source: thesunnews, July 27, 2011;