The Netherlands: Acta Marine Equips Another Vessel with Dynamic Positioning

Acta Marine has recently upgraded the functionality of its Ultra Shallow Support Vessel “Coastal Enterprise” with Dynamic Positioning.

This system allows the Coastal Enterprise to automatically maintain its position and heading by using only its own propellers and thrusters.

Coastal Enterprise is the second Acta Marine vessel equipped with Dynamic Positioning.

Last month, the vessel successfully completed a vibrocoring project on the North Sea taking full advantage of the newly installed Dynamic Positioning. Vibrocoring is a technology to collect core samples of underwater sediments. The installed DP system will also enhance the vessel’s capabilities to support various dredging operations and offshore wind farm constructions works. The upgrading is part of the company’s ongoing investment program to ensure Acta Marine continue to create efficiencies for our customers.


Source: actamarine, July 22, 2011