Heerema Orders Siemens’s Chloropac System for DolWin1 North Sea Platform (Germany)

Heerema Fabrication in Zwijndrecht, a subsidiary of the Heerema Group, has given Siemens Water Technologies the order for the delivery of a Chloropac hypochlorite generator for seawater cooling. The order is worth over half a million Euros.

The generator will be used at the North Sea platform DolWin1 and is the first Chloropac system to be installed in this type of converter station. DolWin1 is a HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) platform for transmitting energy from an offshore wind park to the German high voltage network.

The Siemens Chloropac system prevents bio-fouling in cooling water systems in ships and offshore oil & gas platforms by producing hypochlorite by means of seawater electrolyzation. Chloropac already has many applications in the oil & gas industry, including production platforms and floating production ships (FPSOs), as well as in energy plants and industrial complexes in coastal locations. It is the first time that the Chloropac system will be deployed at a HVDC converter station.

The Chloropac system produces, safely and on-site, a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite for direct injection into the cooling water circuit. This technology rules out any safety risks and the logistic burden usually associated with the use, storage and dosage of concentrated sodium hypochlorite solutions. The advanced annular electrolyzer cell design in the Chloropac system creates so much turbulence that there is no need for cleaning the cells. Not surprisingly, there are thousands of end users benefiting from the systems proven reliability, user-friendly operation and low life cycle costs.

Water treatment equipment produced by Siemens Water Technologies plays an important part in the portfolio of Siemens Industry Solutions Division, offering a complete range of water treatment systems for the petrochemical and maritime sector.


Source: siemens, July 22, 2011