Germany: Scheuerle Provides Transport of Equipment for Alpha Ventus Offshore Wind Park


45 km to the north of the island of Borkum, twelve sets of rotors blades are driving a special wind power project. The first German offshore wind farm, “Alpha Ventus”, is situated in the North Sea. For transporting the huge installations, numerous SCHEUERLE heavy-duty vehicles were used.

The development of offshore wind turbines naturally begins on the mainland. The individual components are manufactured at a large number of sites and pre-assembled as far as possible. From the production facilities, the huge segments are then transported to the quay where they are transported by special ships to their final destination in the middle of the sea and assembled by means of a floating crane. Germany’s first offshore wind farm, alpha ventus, underwent he exact same procedure. Whether it was rotor blades, hubs, nacelles, tower sections, or foundations, a large number of heavy-duty vehicles from SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik like SPMT and InterCombi SPE were in use during the alpha ventus project.

Rotor stars

Netherlands-based transportation specialist, Wagenborg, used 20-axle lines of SCHEUERLE SPMTs for transporting complete rotor stars. These pre-assembled rotor star units had rotor diameters of between 116 and 118 meters with each weighing nearly 150 tonnes. As the barge could not be positioned exactly against the quayside, the load had to extend somewhat over the platform of the SPMT whilst placed on a specially-designed device. In addition, it was necessary to manoeuver the SPMTs several metres over the edge of the quay so that 2 axle lines – including the special device – were suspended over the water. Only then was it possible for the shipboard crane to pick up the load. In order to balance the load´s centre of gravity, the SMPTs had to be additionally loaded with counterweights.

Engine nacelles

Numerous vehicle concepts for the transport of offshore engine nacelles for the alpha ventus project also originated from SCHEUERLE. Depending on the size and weight, vehicle combinations could be configured that exactly matched the transportation task. For example, the nacelles were moved on the electronically-steered InterCombi SPE or SPMT. The modular design of these transport systems allowed the vehicle units to be coupled with each other using a wide range of options.

SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG – Further transport technologies for transporting onshore and offshore wind power plants

SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG provide tailor-made solutions for reliable transportation of offshore and onshore plants. SCHEUERLE´s patented blade adapter can be fitted very easily to either the self-propelled InterCombi SP or the slab deck of a trailer combination. It also has a lifting, lowering and turning device. The lifting and lowering function moves one side of the blade upwards via a remote signal, so that the tip of the blade points upwards at an angle of up to 23°. It can then be moved to the left or right meaning that it can “float” over supporting walls, trees, buildings or other obstacles. In addition, the blade can be turned on its own longitudinal axis and is moved out of the wind – taking wind loads into account. This guarantees the vehicle’s stability. This new SCHEUERLE system can be used for semi-trailer combinations or for self-propelled vehicles.

NICOLAS is offering something new with its innovative, telescopic adapter technology. Not only can wind towers now be moved with this adapter. It has also been designed to transport VESTAS V90 nacelles. The adapter has special clamps that enable secure transportation of the VESTAS V90 nacelles. Wind tower segments up to 120 tonnes and with an internal diameter of 5,500 mm can be moved. The adapter is precisely adjusted to suit the individual segment via remote control. The complete adapter system, i.e. adapter + supporting tip + swivelling bolster, weighs in at an astonishingly low weight of just 19 tonnes! The NICOLAS adapter is compatible with platform trailers from its sister companies KAMAG and SCHEUERLE.


Brand new from SCHEUERLE and NICOLAS is the new “Superflex” semi-trailer series. Available in 3 versions – fixed deck, single telescopic and double telescopic – the new trailers offer a technical axle load of 14 tonnes and a steering angle of 60°. A real advantage of the SCHEUERLE and NICOLAS semi-trailers is their flexibility.

Thus it is possible for single or double telescopic vehicles to leave the two front axle lines in a fully extended position either on the gooseneck or rear bogie. With this innovation, it is possible that the vehicle can be adapted to suit the respective position of the payload centre of gravity, and use each axle line to its full capacity. The new SCHEUERLE and NICOLAS low-bed trailer with pendulum axles has a lift of 600 mm. In particular, this has a very positive effect when driving on the rough terrain of construction sites or driving over railway lines and minimizes any damage to the individual axle groups.


Source: Scheuerle, July 11, 2011;