UK: GMS Endeavour Installs First Turbine at Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm


The self propelled, self elevating jack up barge the GMS Endeavour successfully completed the first turbine installation yesterday, Sunday 3 July 2011.

The Endeavour jacked up offshore at the wind farm site on Friday and completed the highly technical lifting procedure to raise and install the 80 metre tower, and subsequently the nacelle, of the first turbine in the field. By Sunday all three 52 metre blades had been successfully fitted.

The procedure was handled with precision and care, as the template for the remaining turbine installations. Health and Safety is the fundamental focus within all activities at Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm, and rigorous safety trials and routines were carried out on the handling equipment, in line with Scira’s high HSE standards, underpinning the meticulous planning and work processes required during this complex operation.

Now the Endeavour is returning to Great Yarmouth to collect a further two turbines, each consisting of the tower, nacelle and three blades. Weather permitting, the installation programmes will continue at a steady pace over the coming months. As of today’s date 58 of the foundations upon which the turbines are installed are now in situ.


Source: Scira, July 04, 2011;