The Netherlands: XEMC Darwind Completes Installation of XD115 5MW Wind Turbine

This past Sunday 26th of June a major milestone was reached regarding the market introduction of XEMC Darwind’s XD115 5MW wind turbine. Installation of the prototype was completed at the test site in the Wieringermeer, Province of Noord Holland, The Netherlands.

The XD115 is one of the world’s first 2nd generation Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator turbine of this size and it capitalises on years of operational experience with Dutch designed Direct Drive PMG technology.

The XD115 moreover is the first top down – bottom up offshore dedicated wind turbine design, specifically built for a harsh maritime climate. Apart from low initial capital expenditure the offshore dedicated design ensures that operational costs will be substantially lower as compared to traditional wind turbines now out at sea.

The dedicated offshore wind turbine has a hub height of 100 meters above ground level and a rotor diameter of 115 meter. The XEMC-Darwind turbine conceals its power in a combination of ‘less is more’ design and the use of hightech materials. Features include a direct drive, permanent magnets, a single main bearing, innovative blades, a modern fully sealed turbine and an integrated management control system. Last but not least, the light weight design (low top mass) brings substantial advantages to foundation structure and offshore installation.

After commissioning this summer, the XD115 wind turbine will be operated in a test and validation campaign and is expected to have received full certification by the 2nd quarter of 2012.

XEMC Darwind B.V. is a full subsidiary of Hunan Province, China based XEMC Windpower Co. Ltd. which, in turn, forms part of the vast XEMC Group, a Chinese industrial company established in 1936.

First commercial projects for the XD115 are being successfully explored and XEMC Darwind expects to deliver to the market rapidly following full certification.

Success of XEMC Darwind will lead to the creation of hundreds of permanent jobs, re-establishing the Netherlands as a centre of excellence for advanced turbine technology and sustainable wealth for many directly and indirectly involved in the offshore wind sector.


Source: xemc-darwind, July 01, 2011