Nova Scotia Aims to Become Leader in Tidal Energy (Canada)

Nova Scotia is trying to position itself as a leader in tidal energy.

The province is inviting experts from all over to attend a meeting to boost the industry and encourage opportuinites in Nova Scotia.

“Nova Scotia has many strong assets in the tidal energy industry: the powerful Fundy tides; the Fundy Ocean Resource Centre for Energy; a fixed price for investors; a skilled marine industry; and aggressive renewable targets,” said Premier Darrell Dexter. “This is an emerging industry, and there is more that can be done in partnership with regions around the world that are developing technology and capitalizing on this resource.”

On July 7 and 8, representatives from Canada, U.S.A., U.K. and Korea will come to Halifax to discuss technology in the Bay of Fundy and help commercial development on a global scale.

The symposium, Getting Power to Market, will examine critical issues in tidal energy development, such as:

• Commercial research initiatives

• Project financing

• Regulatory issues and solutions

• Expanding transmission infrastructure

• Supply chain and service requirements

Also on the agenda is a workshop for small-scale tidal developers. These community-based projects will soon be able to seek project financing when the Utility and Review Board sets new feed-in tariffs later this year.

“Community-based projects may be small in scale but their potential benefits to the community are big,” said Fundy Tidal president Dana Morin. “The feed-in tariff can create good jobs at home, in rural communities like Westport and Digby.”



Source: dailybusinessbuzz, June 30, 2011; Image: atlantisresourcescorporation