Marine Designs Limited to Install Dockmaster Pontoon System Within Grimsby Fish Docks (UK)


Marine Designs Limited, a subsidiary of A&P Group, announced at this month’s Seawork International 2011 exhibition that it has been awarded a contract to build and install their award winning Dockmaster pontoon system within the Grimsby Fish Docks.

As part of an ongoing agreement between the Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprise and Centrica the companies will use the pontoons as a docking station to enable the safe transfer of offshore and marine personnel from port to their offshore wind farm. Six of the innovative Dockmaster concrete pontoon units will be supplied by September 2011.

Drystan Jones, Managing Director of Marine Designs Ltd commented, “We installed the crew transfer pontoons in Grimsby in 2007, which have been used for the transfer of the offshore wind technicians from up to four boats at a time, saving time and money for the operators. We are delighted that we can continue to be involved in the development of Grimsby Fish Docks, and we look forward to returning to the port later this year to install the new pontoons.”

The contract follows the completion of a contract by Marine Designs Ltd for ABP where 50 metres of additional pontoon has been installed to extend the deep water berth facilities at ABP’s Barrow dock. This allows access for operation and maintenance to off shore turbines in this region.


Source: ap-group, June 24, 2011