Dieseko Group Launches Shanghai ICE Construction Machinery Trading Company in China

The Dieseko Group recently established its presence in China by launching Shanghai ICE Construction Machinery Trading Company.

ICE China offers direct technical and marketing support to the ICE dealer network in China, ensuring our Chinese end-users receive premium access to our foundation products and services. Production facilities are scheduled for opening in 2012.

ICE is one of brands of the Dieseko Group, a renowned, worldwide supplier of foundation technology. ICE vibratory hammers and power packs have been sold for decades in China. In order to optimize customer service and marketing communication, the Dieseko Group has now opened an ICE office in Shanghai.

Arjen van der Schoot, managing director of ICE China comments: “With major investments planned in offshore wind parks, ambitious bridge building projects, and land reclamation we are simply following our customers to China. Our focus will be on enhancing our services to our dealer network so that their fine mazed distribution network serves clients optimally. And our local presence will allow us to quickly anticipate customer requirements and will help us to further fine-tune our product specs for the Chinese market.”

The Chinese market requires a different approach. Not only due to its physical size, but also because product communication and service need to be tailored to our customers’ specific needs. Foundation practices in China vary from those in Europe and ICE will adjust to, and in some cases, educate the market with its newest technological standards. For instance one of the main challenges the industry faces is to reduce the impact on the environment and marine wildlife. And ICE offers tools to significantly reduce environmental impact.

The first preparations to open a WFOE* office in Shanghai started in 2010. Affiliated ICE dealers are Tangsun International, Yongan Machinery, Guangdong Liyuan, and Face Machinery. Van der Schoot: “We have jumpstarted our presence with the hiring of a technical service team, and the launch of a groundbreaking Chinese website www.艾西伊.cn (www.icevibro.com). In the first phase of operation ICE will function as a trading company, facilitating the sales of our machinery in China and Hong Kong. Starting in 2012, ICE will enter into the second phase of operation by opening production facilities in Shanghai. The production lines will be identical to those in Sliedrecht, ensuring the same high quality machinery our clients have come to expect from ICE directly from our China facility. Local manufacturing will considerably shorten our delivery times as transoceanic shipping and customs clearance are eliminated.”


Source: ice-holland, June 24, 2011; Image: ice-holland