ABPmer Launches Renewables Channel (UK)

ABPmer announces a new phase in the dissemination of marine renewable resource mapping tools for wind, wave and tidal developers with the launch of the Renewables Channel on WEBvision, their online spatial information sharing platform.

The Renewables Channel allows browsers to interrogate the recently developed Western Isles and Northern Ireland (WINI) numerical model, which provides an enhanced description of tidal resources over this strategic area. WINI demonstrates resource calibration to existing flow measurements at the detail afforded by presently available bathymetry data. Higher resolution is available within localised areas upon request.

This is also now the online location of the widely acclaimed UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources Atlas and includes extended layers of wind, wave and tidal information that were not previously available online. All information continues to be freely accessed at www.renewables-atlas.info.

Bill Cooper, Managing Director of ABPmer said: “We are delighted to continue to provide marine resource information to the industry through this single online portal. Since the initial development in 2003, the Atlas remains the most recognised and accessible national scale description of potential marine renewable energy resource in UK waters and continues to provide an important reference for developers and regulators alike.

“In the migration of the Atlas to WEBvision, our online media viewer, we have also chosen to extend the set of marine renewable resource information which we trust will provide further value to offshore developers. For example, within the Atlas layers, users can now view seasonally averaged wind and wave information. And our in-house resource specialists are working towards further enhancements to the description of tidal resource for strategic areas of interest. To date, this includes our enhanced mapping for the Western Isles and Northern Ireland and an accompanying Product Specification.”



Source: abpmer, June 16, 2011