A2SEA to Install World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbines at Ormonde (UK)


With five successful offshore wind projects under its belt, Vattenfall UK turned to Danish offshore wind installation business A2SEA to install the world’s largest offshore turbines, R5, at Ormonde, 10km off the UK coast at Barrow-in-Furness.

“We didn’t want to take any chances at Ormonde, so we went for A2SEA with all their experience and know-how,” says Ole Bigum Nielsen, offshore projects director for Vattenfall UK.

The size of the R5 power turbines added an extra dimension of structural and logistical challenges to the project. In place of monopiles, the R5s are installed on jacket foundations – the first time this has been tried on a commercial offshore wind installation.

“We’ll probably be using jacket foundations on all of our Round 3 projects, and that includes the 7.2GW Norfolk Bank wind farm project, which could start as soon as 2014,” says Nielsen.

Meanwhile, A2SEA has joined the British Safety Council (BSC). Trevor Arnold, one of A2SEA’s UK officers, became a member of the BSC several years ago, and now he believes that A2SEA will also benefit.

He says: “BSC courses aren’t dry classroom exercises. They’re practical courses in proactive safety.”

The BSC offers a comprehensive suite of health and safety qualifications covering UK and international standards.

“A2SEA’s BSC membership represents a positive investment in our people and their know-how that could lead to higher standards across the industry,” he adds.



Source: heavyliftpfi, June 08, 2011; Image: a2sea