Multipurpose DP2 Cable Installation Vessel Arrives into Offshore Renewables Cable Installation Market (UK)


P&O Maritime Services announces the arrival of its Multipurpose DP2 Cable Installation vessel, the CS European Supporter, to Tyneside in the UK.

Following an extensive conversion, the European Supporter has been specially equipped to install inter-array power cables in the rapidly expanding European Offshore Renewables market. Furthermore, the vessel has retained its capability to install fiber optic cable for the Telecommunications sector and can provide the Oil & Gas industry with a range of Light Intervention, WROV, Construction and Decommission Support Services.

The 106m vessel has the capacity to accommodate 5,000 tonnes of power cable in two static tanks, using a newly installed power cable loading arm. A 60t SWL active heave compensated crane has been installed and the vessel is capable of accommodating a work class ROV in the hanger or the aft deck. A 35 tonne A-frame is available and trenchers & ploughs can be accommodated on the aft deck for cable burial. All cable machinery is housed inside a hanger deck providing a safe environment for the operation and maintenance of equipment. The ship also provides comfortable living accommodation and recreational facilities for up to 60 personnel.

P&O Maritime Services can also offer complete “turn-key” cable installation, burial, maintenance and inspection services to the European Offshore Renewables Sector through its a strategic partnership with Offshore Marine Management (OMM).

P&O Maritime Service’s strategy is to develop partnerships with its clients through the delivery of long-term crew transfer, survey and cable installation solutions to the highest industry safety and environmental standards. P&O Maritime Services is committed to working with its clients to develop the next generation of Multipurpose Renewables Support Vessels (MPRV’s) which will provide installation, operations & maintenance services to wind farms as activities move further offshore.

Alan Rowan, General Manager, P&O Maritime Services Europe, said “With the entry of the European Supporter into the cable lay market and the recent launch of our Renewable Support Vessels (RSVs), P&O Maritime Services continues to underline its deep commitment to delivering premium maritime solutions to the European Offshore Renewables sector. Our continued goal is to work with clients and top industry experts in order to construct specialised vessels that are tailored for industry demands.”

About P&O Maritime Services

P&O Maritime Services is a diversified specialist shipping and marine logistics solution provider with extensive experience in the provision of niche shipping solutions to Government and Industry; including marine science, border and fisheries protection and defence vessel fleet management.

P&O Maritime Services offers a range of vessel solutions and services to the Offshore Renewables, Oil & Gas and Telecommunication Sectors including; survey, construction, cable installation, WROV light intervention and decommissioning, inspection and maintenance support.

P&O Maritime Services is headquartered in Australia and has been operating in the maritime industry since the 1960s. Regional operations are located in Ireland, UK, France, Dubai, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and South America.



Source: businesswire, June 03, 2011