Offshore Wind Plays Key Role in UK’s Renewable Energy


Offshore wind energy could play a key role in renewable energy in the UK – that’s according to a panel of top energy sector experts.

Currently only 3% of energy consumed comes from renewables, but the government has a target of 15% by 2020.

Although the UK does not currently have an energy crisis, one of the experts, Ben Goldsmith, co-founder of clean technology investment firm WHEB Partners, said the government must “plan very rapidly to avoid one.”

The panel also said skills shortages and lack of investment threaten to stop the sector in its tracks.

The experts say there needs to be a connection with schools and schoolchildren – the promoting of technology and science subjects will, in turn, lead to secure, long-term, well-paid jobs.

David Spencer-Percival, managing director of energy recruiters Spencer Ogden, said: “Anywhere between 80,000 to 100,000 jobs will be created by offshore wind alone – that’s before you even consider massive construction projects for nuclear energy.”

So that’s our kids’ futures sorted. And, until they graduate, and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is in place, we can do our own energy saving work by making sure we use energy wisely around the home.

by Simon (biggreensmile)


Source: biggreensmile, June 02, 2011; Image: earthtimes