Offshore Wind Industry to Cooperate with Oil and Gas (UK)


In order for consumers to receive cheap energy from renewable sources, the offshore wind industry will have to work with the oil and gas sector.

This is the opinion of Finlay Crossan, a partner in legal firm Bond Pearce, who told that both sectors have to co-operate if we are to make the most of the UK’s energy resources.

He also noted that wind farm developers will face different challenges depending on whether they are building on or offshore projects.

“Wind companies onshore may be used to paying relatively predictable prices to transport a turbine by road to a site where it can be erected relatively easily within a very tight timeframe,” he pointed out.

“To install a turbine offshore may require specialist vessels which not only command substantial day rates but for which there is likely to be considerable demand.”

Meanwhile, think-tank Policy Exchange has told the government it could save £12.5 billion by scaling back prospective offshore wind developments.



Source: energyhelpline, May 06, 2011