PNE WIND and Vestas Team Up for North Sea Offshore Wind Projects (Germany)

German wind farm developer, PNE WIND AG, and the wind turbine supplier Vestas have agreed to an exclusive cooperation agreement for offshore wind farms in the North Sea. Building upon the successful cooperation on the development of the Gode Wind II offshore wind farm, PNE WIND’s Gode Wind I and III projects will also be developed in partnership with Vestas.

The Gode Wind I project foresees up to 77 offshore wind turbines, which will be supplied by Vestas, in a continuation of the excellent partnership that began with Gode Wind II. PNE WIND is responsible for the other components, such as the transformer station, the foundations and the wind farm cabling. In addition, PNE will push ahead with the wind farm design, the financing strategy and the involvement of additional project partners. Gode Wind I has already been approved by the relevant German regulatory bodies.

Gode Wind III is still in an early phase of development. It is expected that the project will feature approximately 15 wind turbines It is hoped that Gode Wind III could serve as the pilot project for the 6 MW offshore wind turbine that Vestas has announced is under development.

Initially, it is intended to construct Gode Wind II in 2012-2013, with 84 Vestas V112-3.0 MW wind turbines. In parallel, the two other Gode Wind projects are to be developed further in such time as to allow their follow-on construction.


Source: pnewind, March 16, 2011