First Minister Alex Salmond to Talk at 2011 Scottish European Green Energy Centre Conference

In association with the European Commission, the 2011 Scottish European Green Energy Centre Conference will open in Edinburgh tomorrow with a keynote address by First Minister, Alex Salmond MSP, followed by leading experts and practitioners from E3G, Grant Thornton, Aquamarine Power, SSE, National Grid, and the Scottish Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage.

Scotland is already punching well above its weight on the delivery of renewable energy, however, whilst endorsing progress and debating energy policy developments, many are still losing sight of the real target. Getting projects built.

Discussing what the real opportunities ahead are and which are the core hurdles to be cleared in order that we maximise the potential for success and focus on ensuring that the projects, whether in concept or more mature, can become ‘bankable’, the conference will examine the strategic choices and challenges which government and the energy sector need to resolve. It will also provide an opportunity for open dialogue between all green energy stakeholders and will feature Masterclasses on themes including carbon capture and storage, marine renewables, grid development and smart grids and energy efficiency and smart cities.

A politicians’ panel of energy spokespersons will discuss future energy policy and whether a consensus approach could provide a stable basis for economic development in this area.




Source: segec, March 01, 2011