The Wind Power (Net) in 2010

The Wind Power Net is a database about wind energy for all five continents, with worldwide data concerning wind farms, developers, operators, manufacturers and turbines.

Last year’s add-ons include:

– 11 additional countries increased the number of installed wind energy producing countries to 104.

– 4874 wind farms from all five continents nearly doubled the available data.

– 43 new manufacturers added to the now 120 manufacturers in the database.

– Nearly 300 additional turbines models have increased their stock to 723.

– Pictures raised from 9.000 to 10.000.

Substantial improvements were made to their website:

– It can now differentiate between active and inactive manufacturers.

– It distinguishes between On and Offshore turbines, as well as between gear-less direct drive turbines from those with a gear.

The country database contains installed wind energy for the years 1997-2010. A map with wind farm’s GPS positions. Wind energy associations, and active manufactures from each country.

The wind farm database is divided by continents, and lists all 104 countries with wind energy. The detailed view of a wind farm includes when it was started, what kind of turbines are being used, and who developed and operates it. There is also an added feature in which wind farms may be seen on Google Maps with the Media button.

The manufactures database include every active or inactive turbine model from every producer.

The turbines database contains the following technical information from every model: Power(KW). Diameter (m). Wings. Power control. Gear box. Offshore compatibility. Wind class. Wind speed. Rotor. Tower. Availability. It also identifies in which wind farms the turbines are installed.

Developer and operator database contains how many wind farms, and Mega watts the developer/operator has developed/operates.

Today the site contains:

– 10,176 wind farms

– 178.30 GW

– 874 developers

– 1.560 operators

– 120 manufactures

– 729 turbines

– More than 10000 photographs from wind farms and turbines.



Source: pr, January 28, 2011