Vestas Opens Office in Romania

Vestas, the world leader in wind energy, has officially opened a new office in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, showing confidence in the development of the Romanian wind energy market and preparing Vestas for future growth in one of the most promising markets in Eastern Europe.

The office will serve the Romanian wind energy market, support Vestas’ activities in other Eastern European countries, and be a resource to assist the future development of wind energy in Romania and the region.

Vestas has been active in Romania for several years, but the opening of a new office in Bucharest is recognition of the positive environment for wind energy in Romania. Romania’s national government has set promising targets for wind energy generation, and is clearly committed to the development of wind energy as a viable energy source for the region and for the reduction of carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

“This office, and the skilled and experienced staff we have here, demonstrate our solid commitment to Romania, and to playing a vital role in supporting the development of the wind energy market here,” says Hans Jörn Rieks, President of Vestas Central Europe. “Vestas is the world leader in wind energy, and so we feel we have a responsibility to share our 30 years of experience and knowledge with customers, government, communities and others – as they work to fulfil Romania’s commitment to a clean energy future. As a wind energy solutions provider, we want to bring the best turbines and the best business case to our customers here, but we also want to build strong and constructive partnerships to shape a sustainable wind industry.”

Vestas is committed to supporting overall sustainable development, social development and economic development as a central part of its presence in the region.

We have served our customers in Romania well, but this new office will give us and our partners a solid presence here and also support our efforts to participate in important national debates about wind energy policy in Romania,” says Catalina Dragomir, Vestas Romania’s Director of Sales. “Our industry-leading R&D capacity and unrivalled expertise in wind energy can serve as a valuable resource to our partners here. With good prospects for growth here, we hope Vestas can contribute to industry development and overall economic growth for Romania.”

As of June 30, 2010, Vestas has installed 22 wind turbines in Romania, with a total capacity of 43.66 MW.

In Romania, Vestas employs 31 people in sales, service, engineering, project management and marketing in Bucharest and a project office in Constanta.

About Vestas

Every single day, Vestas wind turbines deliver clean energy that supports the global fight against climate change. Wind power from Vestas’ more than 41,000 turbines currently reduces carbon emissions by more than 40 million tons of CO2 every year, while at the same time building energy security and independence.

Vestas is the world leader in wind technology, with a history of technological innovation and over 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining the world’s best-performing wind turbines. Vestas was a pioneer in the wind industry and started to manufacture wind turbines in 1979. In 1987, the company began to concentrate exclusively on wind energy.

Today, Vestas operates in 65 countries, providing jobs for over 20,000 passionate people at our service and project sites, research facilities, factories and offices all over the world – including Southern Africa!


Source: vestas, January 26, 2011