Natural Power’s Decade of Construction Experience Called Upon for Good Practice Wind Farm Guide (UK)

Steve Pears, Director of Construction at renewable energy consultancy Natural Power, has been called upon for the ‘Good Practice During Windfarm Construction’ as part of a working group comprising representatives from SNH, SEPA, Scottish Renewables, FCS, and several member companies with extensive windfarm construction experience. Natural Power has fed a decade of construction experience into the Guide which can now be found on the SNH website by clicking here.

Wind farm development in Scotland is accelerating rapidly. Considerable experience has been gained during the construction and operation of more than sixty wind farms already operating in Scotland – Natural Power has been instrumental in one in four of these already with many further sites in the pipeline. The purpose of the newly published Guide is to share that experience amongst the industry, planning authorities and those more broadly involved in the planning and development of wind farms with a firm focus on pollution prevention, nature conservation, landscape, hydrological and related issues.

Pears commented: ‘‘Working on the Guide was both interesting and rewarding. It provides an opportunity to work closely with other industry members who have extensive wind farm construction experience. I have been managing the construction team at Natural Power for almost ten years now, during which I have gained valuable experience in contracting & pre-construction works and effective site management. It was a real honour to be asked to participate, applying my trusted experience and knowledge to the Guide.’’

Following its release, the Guide won ‘Best Environmental Initiative Award’ at this year’s Green Energy Awards.


Source: naturalpower, December 21, 2010