Gamesa Launches New G97-2.0 MW Platform for North American Market

Gamesa Technology Corp., a world leader in wind turbine manufacturing, will launch its new G97-2.0 megawatt (MW) turbine platform for the North American market at the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s annual conference and exhibition, one of the wind energy industry’s premier events. The new G97-2.0 MW Class IIIA model is specially designed for low-wind sites, a segment from which Gamesa expects over half of all future on-shore demand.

The new Gamesa G97-2.0 MW has a swept area 16 percent higher than the existing G90, coupled with an increase in energy output of almost 14 percent. The new wind turbine also features a new aerodynamic blade tip design and the Gamesa NRS® (Noise Reduction System) control system to ensure maximum output with minimum noise. Other prominent characteristics of the wind turbine include:

* A 97-meter-long next-generation rotor for low wind sites;

* Cutting-edge blade technology: manufacture of lightweight blades using fiberglass, carbon fiber and pre-impregnation methods;

* Pitch and variable speed technology to maximize energy output;

* Gamesa active yaw system to ensure optimal dynamic response to complex terrains;

* Preventative maintenance system; and

* Local grid connection compliance.

The new Gamesa G97-2.0 MW wind turbine not only provides higher performance (improved power curve and reduced noise emission levels), but it also comes with an updated nacelle design and improvements to the nacelle cooling system.

The new platform also showcases a new portfolio of towers:

* The 78-meter tower design has been streamlined (reduced from four to three sections);

* A new 90-meter tower; and

* Prototypes for towers measuring 115 meters and taller are under development.

The new Gamesa G97-2.0 MW wind turbine has been developed as an upgrade of the popular G8X-2.0 MW platform technology, which has a global installed capacity of more than 8,300 MW.

More than 2,500 wind energy professionals from all over the world are expected at CanWEA’s conference, which runs Nov. 1-3 in Montreal. Gamesa will be among 250 exhibiting companies. This is the second consecutive major wind industry event in which Gamesa North America has participated in just the last month. In October, Gamesa attended the first-ever North American Offshore Wind Conference & Exhibition in Atlantic City, N.J., where the company announced an agreement with Newport News, Va.-based Northrop Grumman Corp., a leading American defense company and America’s largest shipbuilder, to partner on the U.S. launch of Gamesa’s G11X-5.0 MW offshore prototype.


Source: businesswire, November 2, 2010