Nordex setting standards in environmental protection and safety (Germany)

Nordex has had its health, safety and environment (HSE) management system successfully audited by Bureau Veritas, achieving certification in accordance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

In this connection, the company is setting standards in environ-mental protection and defining milestones for a continuous im-provement process with the aim of reducing emissions of hazard-ous substances by optimizing the logistics chain and production processes, for example. “As a producer of wind turbines, we are of course committed to ensuring that our internal operations are as ecological and environmentally sustainable as possible,” explains Dr. Roland Gutbrod, Head of Global HSE at Nordex.

Health and safety constitute a further key element of sustainability at Nordex. The audit of project management, service activities and production facilities revealed strong commitment to and high awareness of these matters on the part of Nordex employees.

About Nordex

As one of the technological leaders in multi-megawatt wind power systems, Nordex is benefiting from the trend in favor of large-scale turbines. The range comprises one of the world’s largest series-produced wind power systems (N80/N90/N100 2,500 kW). To date, over 1,300 turbines of this type have been installed around the world. This experience with multi-megawatt turbines gives Nordex a decisive lead over most of its competitors. Nordex has installed more than 4,000 turbines with an aggregate capacity of around 6,000 MW worldwide. With exports accounting for over 95 percent of its business, Nordex SE also plays a key role in international high-growth regions. The Company has offices and subsidiaries in 18 countries around the world with a total headcount of over 2,400 employees.

About Bureau Veritas

The Bureau Veritas Group has over 370,000 customers all around the world which it serves in its core business areas of quality, health, safety, environment and social accountability. With some 950 offices and laboratories in more than 140 countries, it reported revenues of EUR 2.648 billion in 2009. Established in 1828, Bureau Veritas has over 40,000 employees and is acknowledged by the major national and international accreditation companies. The company has been active in Germany for more than 150 years from its headquarters in Hamburg. In addition, it has a further 14 offices in Germany.


Source: Nordex ,October 12, 2010;