The Switch launches next-generation full-power converter series (Finland)

The Switch, a Finnish-based New Energy technology company, has launched its next-generation full-power converter series to better serve the wind power industry with unsurpassed reliability and endurance.

The new full-power converters are the result of a comprehensive R&D project that started from the evolving needs of a key customer, a major player in the global wind power industry. Among the numerous advantages of the new converter series, reliability has been taken to a completely new level. The goal for each new converter is to continuously produce high-quality energy for the grid, without having the turbine tripping or standing still due to technical interruptions.

Greater reliability, continuous power generation

Most of the improvements enhance reliability as well as electrical and thermal performance, and feature better usability and maintainability. Turbine availability, a key quantity measured by wind energy professionals, is an integral part of the new design. Electrical power generation now meets the strictest regulations, well exceeding minimum requirements.

The system will keep producing the maximum amount of energy within the limitations of all supporting resources. For example, if there is a lack of coolant flow, the converter can interact with the turbine controller to adjust production at any given condition. This enables the turbine to keep on producing as much energy as it can rather than tripping and shutting down completely. This is extremely important for turbine manufacturers and especially wind park owners.

“I’m really proud of the outcome,” says Alpo Vallinmäki, R&D Manager at The Switch. “We developed many new ways to keep the turbines in productive operation. The converter monitors all critical operating quantities and transfers related information and commands to the turbine controller. This activates adequate measures and eliminates turbine down times in wind parks.”


Source: theswitch, September 15, 2010

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