Ammonit will be presenting the new data logger Meteo-40 at Husum Wind Energy (Germany)

We will be presenting our new data logger Meteo-40 at Husum Wind Energy 2010. We look forward to meeting you soon at booth 3E04. To learn more about the new logger visit our website.

Ammonit data logger meteo-40

Available in early 2011, the new Ammonit data logger offers many powerful features and will be state-of-the-art. Meteo-40 has low power consumption and maintenance requirements and will reliably deliver high performance in all climates and in the most remote regions. The new logger will have undergone rigorous testing in independent laboratories, and testing by our partners in tough, real-world conditions prior to being officially distributed in early 2011.

Data Logger Meteo-40 Features

* 2GB memory recording of the original 1 sec. measurement data (approx. ~1 year with typical sensors)

* Additional storage of aggregate data (min. 3 years)

* Two configurations Meteo-40L (large) and Meteo-40M (medium)

* Many channels (40L max. ~35 channels, 40M max. ~22 channels)

* High resolution (~16 bit, ~8 Hz)

* Choice of analog input ranges (± 0.1V, ± 1V, ± 10V)

* Digital channel for smart sensors (RS-485)

* Data transfer via HTTPS, FTP, SCP and email

* 1 USB port for PC connections

* 2 USB ports and 1 RS-232 for modem, WiFi, Ethernet or memory stick

* Modem: GSM / GPRS / CDMA / UMTS

* Compatibility with SCADA systems

* Integrated Linux system for maximum flexibility and adaptability

* Optional digitally signed and encrypted measurement data to prevent data falsification

Ammonitor – our online data verification tool

AmmonitOR simplifies your data management and data communication procedures. With AmmonitOR you can access, manage, monitor and visualise your measurement data online – whenever and wherever it suits you. You can benefit from automated data archiving, data storage and data quality checking, as well as automated emails warning of technical problems. A choice of diagrams and schedules is available for visualising your data.

To learn more about AmmonitOR, visit: To register simply email us at: [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

At Husum Wind Energy we will be presenting the new AmmonitOR version 1.1, which will be available soon.

Ammonit solar systems

Ammonit offers solar measurement systems to meet the increasing demand of our customers and partners. Our high-quality solar systems can be applied in all climates and in various scenarios. We offer a range of systems, from very basic systems for simple applications, to highly precise systems for complex projects. To learn more about our solar system, visit:


Source: ammonit, September 13, 2010