AVEVA Announces Release of AVEVA NET Portal 4.5 with Powerful New Decision Support Interface (UK)

AVEVA, one of the world’s leading providers of engineering design and information management solutions for the plant, power and marine industries, today announced the release of AVEVA NET Portal 4.5. This new release has a highly configurable user interface designed specifically to improve the accessibility of objects and documents used in complex engineering projects and throughout the long-term operation of such assets.

The powerful new interface allows both plant and marine companies to monitor and improve the quality of their engineering information in order to make earlier, better-informed decisions that save time, cut cost, and reduce project and operational risk.

AVEVA NET Portal 4.5 uses AVEVA’s object-based technology to link related project and asset documents and information in a single comprehensive view. AVEVA NET Portal 4.5 automatically identifies and dynamically indexes the relationships between objects and their associated documents such as schematics, 3D models, equipment specifications, project schedules, maintenance records, and vendor catalogues. The new user interface allows for the creation and configuration of multiple “dashboards” to suit different roles within the organisation. This ensures that system users are given only the information they need to efficiently perform their particular tasks.

The new AVEVA NET Portal 4.5 is delivered with a complete set of standard reports that monitor the accuracy and completeness of project information. For the first time, both Project and Information Managers can quickly assess the state of their project’s data landscape, easily identify the level of tag completeness and track project trends. Inconsistent data standards and potential data integrity issues are reported and poor performers in the supply chain easily identified. These reports help companies to improve their overall performance by providing quantifiable statistics that eliminate project guesswork and enable more accurate business performance measurements.

“The design of the new AVEVA NET Portal 4.5 interface was significantly influenced by input from our customers and partners.” explained Simon Bennett, AVEVA NET Product Strategy Manager, “Being able to capture in a single view all of the related information on tags and objects and to dynamically identify incomplete or inconsistent information is enormously beneficial. This new interface is much more than just an improved look and feel. It will help our customers to unlock the complex interdependencies of their engineering information. With AVEVA NET Portal 4.5 you can much more easily pinpoint problems and make business or design decisions much earlier in a project, when changes are less costly and disruptive to schedules. The ability to customise the interface for different project and operational roles enables the right information to be provided to the right people at the right time. AVEVA NET Portal 4.5 will make a major contribution to information quality and business process optimisation for our customers. “


Source: aveva, August 23 , 2010