Huhne prefers wind over nuclear power (UK)

The Lib-Dem cabinet member, who is energy and climate change secretary, was also criticised for saying that the Government had no money to subsidise a new generation of nuclear plants.

Mr Huhne has paved the way for a controversial increase in wind turbines to prevent the UK suffering a power crisis, claiming that making Britainless dependent on imported energy by maximising the use of renewable sources would be an “extraordinary prize”.

But his words have not been welcomed by the secretary of SONE, Sir Bernard Ingham, who slammed Mr Huhne and his policies.

“Our new secretary for energy is a dangerous man,” he said. “He does not seem to understand the nature of electricity or the incompatibility of his policies with energy security, value for money, reducing carbon emissions or easing fuel poverty.

“As for consistency, he insists nuclear power must not have a penny out of the taxpayer, even though it is not seeking a penny, while massively forcing the consumer to subsidise largely useless renewables, especially wind.”

But Mr Huhne insists it is vital that Britain becomes more independent in energy production to allow it to withstand “shocks from the outside world”, which could send prices soaring for both households and businesses.

“Obviously, I have some work to do if I am to persuade Sir Bernard that we are meeting all the objectives he sets,” he said.

“If he has time to read the annual statement we put out last week, he will see that energy security and low carbon power go hand in hand. The lights won’t go out on my watch.”

Mr Huhne is due to present an energy bill to Parliament by the end of the year.



Source: hampshirechronicle, August 06, 2010;