Registration opens for OFFSHORE WIND -THE SHIPPING FORUM (denmark)

Capt. Thomas S. Wissmann, of SHIPS4EVER.COM has announced open registration for OFFSHORE WIND -THE SHIPPING FORUM to be held on the dates of September 16 & 17th, 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark. THE SHIPPING FORUM aims to create an exchange between operators of offshore wind projects and dedicated entirely to the operation of offshore ships & workboats used in the construction & maintenance of offshore windfarms.

The discussion will be lead by a core panel of speakers with participating working groups to assess the feasibility of vessels that can be used for installation and operation of offshore windfarms, along with additional relevant topics. Each point discussed will be closed with a statement presented by the speaker panel at the end of each day.

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Offshore windfarms are a way to combat the effects of climate change. They produce hundreds of construction, operations and maintenance jobs in each region, and it would reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels, as well as the need to build more oil, coal or gas power plants and reduces the risks associated with them.

Founder, Capt.Thomas S. Wissmann, SHIPS4EVER.COM states, ‘offshore wind is the alternative to any pollution prevention needed for oil & gas. The future for our children lies here!’


Founded in 1998 by Capt.Thomas S Wissmann, SHIPS4EVER.COM is a global S&P brokerage and vessel management network. Within the network we are able to offer comprehensive services from sourcing the right vessels, to managing day to day ship operation, project management for conversions/new build vessels, and time charter arrangements.

The company’s management & shipping services are led by selected qualified ship operators who have a lifetime of experience in this field.

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Source: wind4ever, June 02, 2010;